New Year New Mission

Happy New Year everyone! Since my last post, I’ve had quite a time dealing with a number of setbacks but I’m thankful to have the opportunity to blog again. It’s amazing how when we experience some of life’s challenges we are often given the gift of hind sight. I look at it as a gift because my challenges have many times been the boost that I’ve needed to take things to a new level. In this case, my newest challenges are inspiring me to make this year a more prosperous one.

That brings me to my business mission. I had to ask myself several times last year what in the world I was doing. I found myself doing things that I absolutely didn’t want to do, things that made my job harder, and serving customers that I didn’t want to serve. InĀ  my honest opinion, those things that I didn’t want to do resulted in my achieving things I didn’t want to achieve. This year my focus will be more on the things that I want to achieve and I’ve revised my business mission statement a bit to reflect that.

Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats’ Mission is to provide its customers with beautifully handmade scented bakery replicas that look good enough to eat!

So whether my products be jar candles, wax dipped toilet paper, wax tarts, scented ornies or…whatever, my products will likely fall under this mission statement. My customers must be customers who want beautifully handmade items and must therefore be willing to pay for beautifully handmade items. (There are few exceptions that I will make to this rule but only because I am considering a separate venue for these items.)

Hopefully this new focus will be the beginning to a great start for a great new year. Have you thought about your mission for 2014?