This Week’s Marvelous Monday Winner Is…


The winner of this week’s Marvelous Monday giveaway is… Lisa Craven.

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Ornamental, Scented Mini Cinnamon Buns, Bowl Filler, Potpourri

by everythingdawn (7.99 USD)

We’ve taken the scent of realistic cinnamon buns and hand rolled them into a mini ornamental treat. These minis are so cute in a bowl with some potpourri. They also look pretty nice in a wooden bowl with some rose hips and dried flowers and in a cloth lined basket. There are so many ideas for these little bowl fillers. The best thing, to me, however, is the yummy cinnamon bun smell.

My children love when I make cinnamon buns, and these minis already have them asking me to make some. So if you like the scent of baked cinnamon buns, you may just love these.

Fabulous Cake Scented Candle – Coconut Cake

by everythingdawn (27.99 USD)

I am so hungry this morning and smelling this cake doesn’t make it any easier on my growling tummy. It’s heavily scented so I’m smelling it in my kitchen and living room. I’m also getting things ready for fellowship so that we can have some real food this afternoon. I’m sure it wouldn’t be appreciated if I leave this cake candle sitting on the table today- that or I’d better make a real one.

Either way, this tummy of mine doesn’t seem to want to stop rumbling so I think I’ll grab a bite to eat. THEN I’ll get the kids up. That way I can eat (if you know what I mean). Kids seem to eat their food and yours.

So until next time…