To Be or Not to Be (Cold)

I am not a fan of cold weather but I’m even least pleased with this cold house I’m living in. Yes, I’m thankful for the cold house but, nevertheless, I like to be warm. I get out of bed and it’s cold, I’m walking through the house in the middle of the day and it’s cold. I’m thinking about how many more months of this cold I’m going to have to endure before I can be warm again! I mean, I want to look cute in the house but it’s too blessed cold to wear my cute stuff. So sweats it is.

The cold did inspire me to create a treasury that I so happily named “Jack Frost.” Bet you don’t know why. Of course it’s because I’m so cold! The treasury, itself, is beautiful powder blue and, by the time I finished it, I loved it so much that it’s now my new favorite. I selected things that I really love for this treasury, and there were so many that I pretty much favorited each and every one.

Being a venetian lace gal (and having contemplated what I’m going to actually buy some for since I absolutely have to have some after reading M&J’s blog post), I favorited light blue venetian lace. Then there was the gorgeous snowdrop mineral makeup that is such a beautiful color. I’m not sure it’s my color but it sure looks beautiful on the screen. The light blue glitter, the crocheted hat, Euro Shams, like I said, they’re all so beautiful! Then there was the winter snow photography that is stunning but I have to admit I intentionally picked this photo because it expressed how cold I really am. Anyway, these are gifted artisans guys.

Today my mission is (besides staying warm) to get a few new items up. I did a few gingerbread cupcakes and gingerbread ornaments that are scented in complete yum! I’ll be listing those at some point this morning. I’m also hoping to bake some pumpkin bread sometime today. I’m sure my dear family will appreciate that. Well off to a second cup of coffee and maybe some heat!