Everything Dawn Secret Santa Giveaway

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, here is another giveaway. This time I’ve taken a box and I’ve created a wonderfully fragrant gift for our winner. I’m not saying what’s inside but I thought it would be fun while a bit interesting to give hints next week about what’s in it. I’ll start on Monday with the first hint and give a hint each day.

Here’s how you can enter. Just follow this link and it’ll take you over to our Facebook Page. There you’ll have a number of things you can do to enter. Of course, the more entries, the more points, the more chances to win. You can enter each day up until the 21st of December. I decided this time to give special perks to my customers who enter. Although purchasing is not necessary to enter, my dear customers will receive 10 entries for a purchase with 10 additional entries for every dollar spent in our shop! Winners will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter, which is good because that feature just makes it easier than counting thousands of entries.

Also, if you want to tell others about our giveaway, please share this link: http://bit.ly/16eBtYR



When You Can’t Do Everything

I’ve been mixing away Christmas candles for an upcoming Christmas Open House an a local antique mall where we’ve been renting a booth. I wanted to have a ice snow theme with the pale blues, silver and creams but the theme isn’t really working in the scope of what I’m creating to place on the booth. So, of course, I’m changing the theme altogether. Needless to say, this is taking a lot more work than I originally anticipated. Instead of blues and creams I’m looking at reds, whites, and greens, you know, the traditional Christmas colors. Man I wanted to do something different!

Rather than beat myself up, I figure I’ll just keep pressing on with this traditional thing and grab some baskets to make this thing as Christmasy as I can. So now tonight my 15 year old is making dinner (a baked fish dinner might I add) and I’m going to be engrossed in candle making to get these wonderful shelves stocked for the open house.

Meanwhile, I had to decline a different event happening tomorrow at an almost local elementary school. I hated to do it and I really tried to squeeze it in but it was just too difficult to do both. Alongside the matter of having already paid for the booth and needing to get my money’s worth this month, I sadly declined the elementary school. Sometimes it’s hard to face that fact that I can’t do everything.

On a brighter note, I was able to donate quite a few items to the school that I shipped off this morning. I packaged up a cherry pie candle, a pumpkin pie candle, cinnamon stick wax tarts, an apple pie candle, a buttered rum jar candle, and a couple of other freshly made items and placed them in a medium sized priority box. I was relieved to see them picked up by the postal carrier. I feel a little better now. I think a donation beats not being there, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s my day! Please, if you have a moment, please sign up for the giveaway we’re doing over on our Facebook page. It’s filled with Everything Dawn Christmas candles: cupcake candles, ornaments, and the other good smells!

November First Already???

It’s the first of November! Can you believe it because I sure can’t. I mean it’s the sure sign that Christmas is really coming. As a store owner, I’m going nuts just thinking about it. Ideally, I would have my booths decorated, have the online shops all donned in holiday trimmings, have every booth and online store stocked, and be sipping on some cider in relax mode by now. NOT! I’m still looking in my messy craft room at all of the projects I was supposed to have finished by now!

So now my house smells like Christmas. I’m making gingerbread, cinnamon, orange spice, and some blue spruce candles, all of which are really nice when blended together. It’s only right to add some Michael Buble Christmas tunes. I’m big on the old Christmas music, Bing Crosby, Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne‘s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” My all time favorite Christmas music; however, is the choir music in celebration of Christ’s birth but I listen to that year round. There’s something about Christmas music that warms you inside. I need that warmth to get these projects a going, and it IS beginning feel a lot like Christmas in here.

There are at least ten new projects I have to get started on. I guess the plan is to take it one project at a time and get them up as I do them to keep from becoming overwhelmed and entering into complete shut down mode. In between, maybe I’ll get that cider and start to fix up my messy craft room. How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed during the holidays?

Christmas Candle Wax Tarts

Christmas Candle Wax Tarts