Candle Therapy

I think making candles is my therapy. Baking is also a great therapy for me as well as gardening but I think, no I’m quite certain, that crafting these bakery candles has become something I actually do when the world starts spinning too fast.

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been dealing with a few things. One of those things (on a somewhat smaller scale compared to the others) is that my washer and dryer both went out. I’m not sure if that’s something that the average person would just blow off but I’m talking about the only washer and dryer for a family of 12! If you could only see my laundry room, you probably wouldn’t know whether to shriek or burst into tears. I’m on a strict laundry schedule folks. I have to wash a minimum of four loads of laundry daily or the laundry monster is taking over. It sort of makes me wonder why we all don’t go back to having a select few items to wear, one or two items for every occasion in similar colors, to reduce the laundry loads! That’ll never happen.

That brings me back to candle therapy. I’m going to spend this afternoon making my Valentine’s Day candles and wax tarts. I’m hoping that I can shift some of that frustration into creating some really pieces to put up on Etsy.  On a somewhat brighter note, I’ve managed to somehow come up with a few creations that sell really nicely during these times of frustration when I’ve had candle therapy. I’m hoping that happens again! So the afternoon begins and I’m off to look at the laundry one more time so that I can get my creative juices flowing. Is that odd to torture yourself to become creative?


Treasury Tuesday: Princesses Morning

This Treasury Tuesday I’m a little late in the game. We’ve had such busy week getting over all the cooking from Thanksgiving and then straight into prepping the shops for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m loving all these sales but it’s been super busy trying to keep up!

So today I’m including a sweet treasury that has so many nice things that ladies love. It’s glam and delicate all at the same time. This one was curated by Ausra Zemaitiene and is packed with things that the girly girl in your life will love this holiday. Check out Ausra’s treasury here.

Other gift treasuries:

Walnut Fig Gingerbread Cranberry (Yum!)

Winter Wonderland

Love Chocolate

Treasury Tuesday – Bananas and Egg Nog

This Treasury Tuesday I’m sharing two treasuries, one with the theme Egg Nog that I’ve hand selected and the other Bananas that Jaslin Dennis has so nicely featured one of my items in (Thank you so much, Jaslin.). Please stop by these treasuries and see what wonderful picks are waiting for you to enjoy.

Happy Treasuring!

Egg Nog Teasury

Bananas Treasury

To Be or Not to Be (Cold)

I am not a fan of cold weather but I’m even least pleased with this cold house I’m living in. Yes, I’m thankful for the cold house but, nevertheless, I like to be warm. I get out of bed and it’s cold, I’m walking through the house in the middle of the day and it’s cold. I’m thinking about how many more months of this cold I’m going to have to endure before I can be warm again! I mean, I want to look cute in the house but it’s too blessed cold to wear my cute stuff. So sweats it is.

The cold did inspire me to create a treasury that I so happily named “Jack Frost.” Bet you don’t know why. Of course it’s because I’m so cold! The treasury, itself, is beautiful powder blue and, by the time I finished it, I loved it so much that it’s now my new favorite. I selected things that I really love for this treasury, and there were so many that I pretty much favorited each and every one.

Being a venetian lace gal (and having contemplated what I’m going to actually buy some for since I absolutely have to have some after reading M&J’s blog post), I favorited light blue venetian lace. Then there was the gorgeous snowdrop mineral makeup that is such a beautiful color. I’m not sure it’s my color but it sure looks beautiful on the screen. The light blue glitter, the crocheted hat, Euro Shams, like I said, they’re all so beautiful! Then there was the winter snow photography that is stunning but I have to admit I intentionally picked this photo because it expressed how cold I really am. Anyway, these are gifted artisans guys.

Today my mission is (besides staying warm) to get a few new items up. I did a few gingerbread cupcakes and gingerbread ornaments that are scented in complete yum! I’ll be listing those at some point this morning. I’m also hoping to bake some pumpkin bread sometime today. I’m sure my dear family will appreciate that. Well off to a second cup of coffee and maybe some heat!

Treasury Tuesday Rustic Autumn

Today I’m spreading autumn love with this Rustic Autumn Treasury. I’m also sharing Beautiful Browns, a few of my own picks. I love the picks from these treasuries, all of the autumn colors. Some of them I’m thinking would make good Christmas gifts – for me. I think my Beautiful Browns treasury just became my wish list. Check them out and share your favorites.

Marvelous Monday Finds and $10 Off

It’s Marvelous Monday, the day that I share some marvelous finds I’ve come across as well as share this week’s special you’ll be able to take advantage of for a limited time. So anyway, let me tell you about some nice things I’ve run across.

If you’re a bit tired of the same old Vista Print templates and you’d like something a little edgy and unique for your business branding, KayleeBugDesign is your place. She has great looking business card templates that can be instantly downloaded and easily printed either on your own heavy cardstock (provided you have a great printer that will take such paper) or printed at your local FedEx or UPS type small business store. They’re affordable, cute, and you can even have them custom made!  One thing – she sends them to you as a PSD (Photoshop) file so you’d have to have Photoshop (or compatible) software to manipulate the file. Visit Megan at KayleeBugDesign to pick out a fresh template to make you stand out from the regular Vista Print crowd (wink wink).


Etsy Artisan, KayleeBugDesigns, creates attractive and professional business card templates.

Another cute find is this Red Elf Pointed Wook Hat, Bulky Chunky Wook Elfish Kid Knit Hat Hood and Shawl by Solandia. I love this hat because it’s cute and it looks like the coziest hat for a child to wear! It has a sweet little attached scarf and a pointed little elf-like top. This is a sweet little hat that I’d easily get for my 22 month old.

That brings me to this week’s special. Our autumn Facebook drawing will end this Friday (four more days to enter, Folks), and the girls and I have been getting Christmas candles in gear. So this week only, we’re offering $10 off a $50 purchase. So head over to our Etsy shop to buy some deliciously scented bakery candles and enter 10OFF50 in your cart to save $10 off your purchase of $50 or more. This offer is exclusively for you but please feel free to share it with a friend.

Wax Tarts Cinnamon Clove

Christmas Candle Scented wax tarts in cinnamon clove