Treasury Tuesday -Something in the Winter Air

Today’s treasury I’d like to share is called “Something in the Winter Air.” It’s right here.  I have to be honest, I pretty much favorited every single item in this treasury. It’s cheerful and it actually made me feel that sense of Christmas is coming. Love this one. Check it out for yourself. These treasuries are cool ideas for decor and Christmas gifts.

Another is my own Cookies for Santa treasury. I’ve just finished my own cookies for Santa candle set, and I thought this treasury was a great way to express that theme. Let me know what you think of it. Oh! And check out my own cookies for Santa candle set right here.

Christmas Candles and Wax Tarts Cookies for Santa in Oatmeal Cookie Candle Melts and Buttercream Candle

Cookies for Santa on Etsy


When You Can’t Do Everything

I’ve been mixing away Christmas candles for an upcoming Christmas Open House an a local antique mall where we’ve been renting a booth. I wanted to have a ice snow theme with the pale blues, silver and creams but the theme isn’t really working in the scope of what I’m creating to place on the booth. So, of course, I’m changing the theme altogether. Needless to say, this is taking a lot more work than I originally anticipated. Instead of blues and creams I’m looking at reds, whites, and greens, you know, the traditional Christmas colors. Man I wanted to do something different!

Rather than beat myself up, I figure I’ll just keep pressing on with this traditional thing and grab some baskets to make this thing as Christmasy as I can. So now tonight my 15 year old is making dinner (a baked fish dinner might I add) and I’m going to be engrossed in candle making to get these wonderful shelves stocked for the open house.

Meanwhile, I had to decline a different event happening tomorrow at an almost local elementary school. I hated to do it and I really tried to squeeze it in but it was just too difficult to do both. Alongside the matter of having already paid for the booth and needing to get my money’s worth this month, I sadly declined the elementary school. Sometimes it’s hard to face that fact that I can’t do everything.

On a brighter note, I was able to donate quite a few items to the school that I shipped off this morning. I packaged up a cherry pie candle, a pumpkin pie candle, cinnamon stick wax tarts, an apple pie candle, a buttered rum jar candle, and a couple of other freshly made items and placed them in a medium sized priority box. I was relieved to see them picked up by the postal carrier. I feel a little better now. I think a donation beats not being there, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s my day! Please, if you have a moment, please sign up for the giveaway we’re doing over on our Facebook page. It’s filled with Everything Dawn Christmas candles: cupcake candles, ornaments, and the other good smells!

Use Unscented Candles To Scent Your Space

Here’s how you can use unscented candles to scent your space. Take a small glass or ceramic bowl, preferably a microwave safe bowl. Fill the bowl with whole coffee beans and place a small tea light candle in the middle of the beans. You’ll not only illuminate your space with warm and elegant lighting but the warmth of the tea light will warm those little coffee beans to give your space a wonderful coffee fragrance.

You can also try this out using scented tea light candles such as vanilla or buttercream, toffee, or even chocolate and get a combined scent throw!

Roasted coffee beans Español: Granos de café t...

Roasted coffee beans Español: Granos de café tostado (natural). Bahasa Indonesia: Biji kopi alami yang telah disangrai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How I Started With Bakery Candles

Before going with the niche of bakery candles, I made all different scents. I sold them at a little store in the area that allowed me place a few things on a shelf. I sold them to the moms of my son’s baseball team. The only thing I didn’t do was like the candles I was selling.

It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like the process. I loved producing fragrant candles that people couldn’t stop talking about but there was nothing “special” about them. They were the same as every other candle you’d see around the corner. Everyone had a homespun tie and everyone’s candle was either grungy or rusty. I thought it was rather boring and I didn’t feel as though I really had anything different to offer. So I stopped making candles.

After a couple of years (and much coaxing by my husband and a few other family members), I slowly came out of hiding but this time I decided that I wanted to have a “specialty.” I loved the idea of creating the same great scented candles but I decided that I’d make them look like food, bakery sweets that is. So I went to work on different ways I could make my candles look like baked goods. There were so many different flops that I’d need a few blog posts to tell you about that. But I finally came up with a formula that would produce candles that could carry a great fragrance and look appetizing. There was my specialty, bakery candles.

So that’s how I started making bakery candles. Since then, I’ve started to sell on Etsy and I sell on my own website, I have to say that I enjoy candle making so much more now. I’m creating wax tarts, votive candles, full size cake candles and pie candles. I have even expanded on that idea to include handmade scented ornaments that include, colonial cakes and pies. It’s been a lot of testing and trying but I enjoy having a product that isn’t like every other product. I suppose the two years I stepped away really were beneficial.

My Bakery Cake Candles.

scented colonial cake

One of my 8″ colonial cakes

cake candle bundt

Cake candle

Cutting Glass With String

I’m always looking out for new and oddly shaped containers to use in making my bakery candle making. I’ve found many wonderful things to make very special and unique candles.

Jade from Jaderbomb Dye to DIY has this great DIY on how to cut glass with string. This idea would be great for recycling glass bottles that you would otherwise throw in the trash. I’m already thinking of things like tea light candle holders, vases, and containers that this project would make. With a bit more creativity, some really neat bottle glass chandeliers would be a nice project to try. Then there’s the savvy Blue Wine Bottle Wind Chime by Groovy Green Glass that is so nicely done. I’m not sure if the same technique was used for the wind chime but there’s also the Outdoor Green Wine Bottle Candle Chandelier done (also by Groovy Green Glass) that are beautiful things that have been done with cut glass. Who would have thought recycling could be so beautiful and purposeful!

Blue Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Blue Wine Bottle Wind Chime on Etsy

Wine Bottle Candle Chandelier

Outdoor Green Wine Bottle Candle Chandelier on Etsy

Lots of fun things to do with cut glass!

Today I’m linking up to Jaderbomb and Groovy Green Glass on

Real Food – Apple and Pumpkin Baking

I love to bake this time of the year. My children might disagree with that statement only because I’ve been diligently tweaking my bakery candles and haven’t baked anything edible for awhile. I’ve been in the bakery candle zone lately. But now that it’s apple and pumpkin season, I’ve been feeling a bit more like baking things we can eat. So I went out to the grocery store and bought a big pumpkin (because I’d have to buy too many little ones to feed this family of twelve) and I picked up some apples and now I’m ready to get things baking!

I love that people are blogging about their autumn baking because that helps me to get some ideas both for baking and bakery candles. Edible Engineering has an apple pie recipe and some really detailed instructions on making your own pie crust. I generally make my own crust from scratch but I think the details over there are great if you want to give it a try making your own crust from scratch. I love the picture of their finished product. Compared to their edible lattice crust apple pie, how does my apple pie ornament hold up in looking edible?

apple pie

Also take a look over at the pumpkin caramel cupcakes on Fishtitch, another good looking bit of inspiration both for food and bakery candles. I’m getting excited just thinking about all of the wonderful things I can bake!

All of you bakers, if you have any other great apple and pumpkin dessert ideas, please don’t hold back. The more inspiration, the better and my children (and hubby) will greatly appreciate it. {smile}

Linking up to Fistich and Edible Engineering

Crazy Stock Days

When we’re prepping candles to stock our booths, Murphy’s Law seems to take effect. We’re absolutely never ready to go out of the door when it’s time. If we plan to leave early to get it out of the way, we don’t get out the door until noon. If we plan to leave at noon, we end up leaving around three and rushing around to finish before the malls close at five. It doesn’t matter how well we think we’ve planned, something strange always seems to happen.

One time, we headed out late, as usual, and Christian left her cell phone on the front counter. We had to have been about twenty minutes away when one of the children called her from home and the front desk of the mall answered, “She left her phone here.” One of the children called me on my cell and so we headed back with five minutes left before closing. Let me just say we didn’t make the other booths that day.

Then there was the time we walked out of the mall and left the stock basket on the counter. We looked all over the house for that basket and couldn’t find it. I just knew I’d put that basket in our craft room – NOT. We looked just about everywhere until I told Christian to just call the malls one by one. We’d left the baskets right there on the front counter.

Here’s my favorite one. We were getting ready to leave home so I was putting together my last few things, packaging, tagging, pricing, the whole nine yards. I was determined that I was going to get out of the door at 11:00 that morning to head for the malls. So while packaging, at 10:45, my water broke. Of all ten children, that was the first time that had ever happened! With every other child, every single time, my labor had been started by the midwife!

Since having the baby, whenever it’s stock day, I’m one step ahead. I simply plan not to stock and everything works out perfectly.