Thanksgiving Dessert Try Outs

I’m trying to get into the mode of Thanksgiving. Yesterday we talked about all of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes over lunch. Courtney (15) made home made buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy and green bean casserole and she’d prepared a veggie tray with jalapeno neufchatel cheese dip. I think it was the green bean casserole that sparked the conversation because Courtney almost insists that we have that every Thanksgiving. Honestly, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how time has completely flown by!


In the mail yesterday, I received a trial of “Taste of Home,” filled with a boat load of recipes including make ahead Thanksgiving dishes, most of which I probably wouldn’t be interested in. So I just skipped to dessert and my, my, my! There was a three page section titled “BUNDT,” and what kind of cake candles do I sell – bundt! I think my favorite of the three was the Glazed Gingerbread Cake. Don’t quite care for the taste of gingerbread but the smell is fabulous and it’s usually a hit during the holidays. There’s a thick white glaze on top that gives it a simple appearance that would look quite nice on a dessert table. Here’s a link to the recipe.


Another section was “The Loaf.” Are you serious? Pumpkin swirl bread with cream cheese?! I’m in. That recipe had me hooked when I got to the ingredient “cream cheese.” The pictures of the loaf made me want to make a couple today. I went to scope out my ingredients but I got to the fridge and no cream cheese. Guess I’ll be making a trip to the store at some point to try this recipe out but here’s the link to that one if you’re interested in trying it yourself. The picture looks sooo good.


I’m going to keep my eye out for more tempting desserts as the holidays approach. While it’s taking me a minute to think about the big feast, it’s coming and I’ll want to pick one new recipe (that I test beforehand, of course) to pull out during the big day. If you know of any good recipes, do share. I can only pick one because we have staples that always take the stage on Thanksgiving. I’ll only be able to pick one newbie so let me know what your fav is and maybe I can get to try it out before our T-day countdown.







How I Started With Bakery Candles

Before going with the niche of bakery candles, I made all different scents. I sold them at a little store in the area that allowed me place a few things on a shelf. I sold them to the moms of my son’s baseball team. The only thing I didn’t do was like the candles I was selling.

It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like the process. I loved producing fragrant candles that people couldn’t stop talking about but there was nothing “special” about them. They were the same as every other candle you’d see around the corner. Everyone had a homespun tie and everyone’s candle was either grungy or rusty. I thought it was rather boring and I didn’t feel as though I really had anything different to offer. So I stopped making candles.

After a couple of years (and much coaxing by my husband and a few other family members), I slowly came out of hiding but this time I decided that I wanted to have a “specialty.” I loved the idea of creating the same great scented candles but I decided that I’d make them look like food, bakery sweets that is. So I went to work on different ways I could make my candles look like baked goods. There were so many different flops that I’d need a few blog posts to tell you about that. But I finally came up with a formula that would produce candles that could carry a great fragrance and look appetizing. There was my specialty, bakery candles.

So that’s how I started making bakery candles. Since then, I’ve started to sell on Etsy and I sell on my own website, I have to say that I enjoy candle making so much more now. I’m creating wax tarts, votive candles, full size cake candles and pie candles. I have even expanded on that idea to include handmade scented ornaments that include, colonial cakes and pies. It’s been a lot of testing and trying but I enjoy having a product that isn’t like every other product. I suppose the two years I stepped away really were beneficial.

My Bakery Cake Candles.

scented colonial cake

One of my 8″ colonial cakes

cake candle bundt

Cake candle

Fabulous Cake Scented Candle – Coconut Cake

by everythingdawn (27.99 USD)

I am so hungry this morning and smelling this cake doesn’t make it any easier on my growling tummy. It’s heavily scented so I’m smelling it in my kitchen and living room. I’m also getting things ready for fellowship so that we can have some real food this afternoon. I’m sure it wouldn’t be appreciated if I leave this cake candle sitting on the table today- that or I’d better make a real one.

Either way, this tummy of mine doesn’t seem to want to stop rumbling so I think I’ll grab a bite to eat. THEN I’ll get the kids up. That way I can eat (if you know what I mean). Kids seem to eat their food and yours.

So until next time…