New Year New Mission

Happy New Year everyone! Since my last post, I’ve had quite a time dealing with a number of setbacks but I’m thankful to have the opportunity to blog again. It’s amazing how when we experience some of life’s challenges we are often given the gift of hind sight. I look at it as a gift because my challenges have many times been the boost that I’ve needed to take things to a new level. In this case, my newest challenges are inspiring me to make this year a more prosperous one.

That brings me to my business mission. I had to ask myself several times last year what in the world I was doing. I found myself doing things that I absolutely didn’t want to do, things that made my job harder, and serving customers that I didn’t want to serve. In  my honest opinion, those things that I didn’t want to do resulted in my achieving things I didn’t want to achieve. This year my focus will be more on the things that I want to achieve and I’ve revised my business mission statement a bit to reflect that.

Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats’ Mission is to provide its customers with beautifully handmade scented bakery replicas that look good enough to eat!

So whether my products be jar candles, wax dipped toilet paper, wax tarts, scented ornies or…whatever, my products will likely fall under this mission statement. My customers must be customers who want beautifully handmade items and must therefore be willing to pay for beautifully handmade items. (There are few exceptions that I will make to this rule but only because I am considering a separate venue for these items.)

Hopefully this new focus will be the beginning to a great start for a great new year. Have you thought about your mission for 2014?


Hand Painted Mason Jar Filled With Your Choice of Bakery Scent

Hand painted mason jar with rustic autumn charm filled with your choice of 32 ounces of bakery scented candle wax. It’s chic meets autumn. Check it out!

Also here are some really cool DIY mason jar crafts. I love to use these for projects because they’re so versatile and you can make them look anywhere from primitive country to chic cottage. Today I’m linking up to Crafts Unleashed for their extreme ingenuity with Mason Jars. I’m also going to link up to Angie’s Blog, “The Country Chic Cottage” for her wonderful referral to this Mason Jar Crafts Pinterest Board.  Please check out these wonderful links if you can.

Mason Jar Crafts Roundup {Plus a Chance to Win $50!}

Real Food – Apple and Pumpkin Baking

I love to bake this time of the year. My children might disagree with that statement only because I’ve been diligently tweaking my bakery candles and haven’t baked anything edible for awhile. I’ve been in the bakery candle zone lately. But now that it’s apple and pumpkin season, I’ve been feeling a bit more like baking things we can eat. So I went out to the grocery store and bought a big pumpkin (because I’d have to buy too many little ones to feed this family of twelve) and I picked up some apples and now I’m ready to get things baking!

I love that people are blogging about their autumn baking because that helps me to get some ideas both for baking and bakery candles. Edible Engineering has an apple pie recipe and some really detailed instructions on making your own pie crust. I generally make my own crust from scratch but I think the details over there are great if you want to give it a try making your own crust from scratch. I love the picture of their finished product. Compared to their edible lattice crust apple pie, how does my apple pie ornament hold up in looking edible?

apple pie

Also take a look over at the pumpkin caramel cupcakes on Fishtitch, another good looking bit of inspiration both for food and bakery candles. I’m getting excited just thinking about all of the wonderful things I can bake!

All of you bakers, if you have any other great apple and pumpkin dessert ideas, please don’t hold back. The more inspiration, the better and my children (and hubby) will greatly appreciate it. {smile}

Linking up to Fistich and Edible Engineering

This Week’s Marvelous Monday Winner Is…


The winner of this week’s Marvelous Monday giveaway is… Lisa Craven.

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Fabulous Cake Scented Candle – Coconut Cake

by everythingdawn (27.99 USD)

I am so hungry this morning and smelling this cake doesn’t make it any easier on my growling tummy. It’s heavily scented so I’m smelling it in my kitchen and living room. I’m also getting things ready for fellowship so that we can have some real food this afternoon. I’m sure it wouldn’t be appreciated if I leave this cake candle sitting on the table today- that or I’d better make a real one.

Either way, this tummy of mine doesn’t seem to want to stop rumbling so I think I’ll grab a bite to eat. THEN I’ll get the kids up. That way I can eat (if you know what I mean). Kids seem to eat their food and yours.

So until next time…