Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats is a family owned bakery- but not just any bakery. We’re a candle bakery. Okay, we don’t actually bake the candles but we certainly put as much time and attention in the detail of each of our delightful bakery candles so that they’re…well…delightful.

Our family isn’t your average family. My husband and I will have ten children in July and we both believe that the being close to our children is a priority. For this reason, we’re a homeschooling, self employed family and we put our children to work so that they, too, will know the value of building and sustaining a business. We all have a lot of fun, and there

Since you know a little about my family, now for the business part. Our candles are inspired by all the sweet bakery treats and confections that have tempted our taste buds over the years. It’s our mission to bring our customers strongly scented, beautifully designed bakery candles, deliciously scented tarts, scrumptiously scented, beautiful bakery ornaments, room sprays, carpet powders and more. We want our customers to not only love the fragrance of our candles but to think of our candles as…dessert.


Our website: http://www.Everythingdawn.com
Currently selling at: Remember When Antiques, and Valley Antiques and Uniques


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