Dunkin’ Bears

Today I just started a new line of wax dipped stuffies for our booth. My children think I’m killing the teddy bears over here. One of my daughters crocheted the scarf for this one (as she works to complete her own line of infinity scarves). I’m excited about these bears. They’re so cute and they smell sooo good! Here’s one I just did. I’ve named her Miss Smelly Buns.

Miss Smelly Buns

Wax Dipped Teddy Bear in Cinnamon Bun Scent

What do you think? I’ve grunged her up in cinnamon and scented her in cinnamon bun fragrance. The cinnamon bun she’s carrying is hand sewn, completely removeable and also scented in cinnamon bun. I’m doing about 15 of these and listing them in the store, each will have its own character. I’ve even sewn clothes for them! This is so much fun I think I’m addicted to teddy bear dunking!

Well please do let me know what you think of her. I’d like to get your feedback before I send her off in her proper packaging. Happy Hump Day!


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