November First Already???

It’s the first of November! Can you believe it because I sure can’t. I mean it’s the sure sign that Christmas is really coming. As a store owner, I’m going nuts just thinking about it. Ideally, I would have my booths decorated, have the online shops all donned in holiday trimmings, have every booth and online store stocked, and be sipping on some cider in relax mode by now. NOT! I’m still looking in my messy craft room at all of the projects I was supposed to have finished by now!

So now my house smells like Christmas. I’m making gingerbread, cinnamon, orange spice, and some blue spruce candles, all of which are really nice when blended together. It’s only right to add some Michael Buble Christmas tunes. I’m big on the old Christmas music, Bing Crosby, Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne‘s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” My all time favorite Christmas music; however, is the choir music in celebration of Christ’s birth but I listen to that year round. There’s something about Christmas music that warms you inside. I need that warmth to get these projects a going, and it IS beginning feel a lot like Christmas in here.

There are at least ten new projects I have to get started on. I guess the plan is to take it one project at a time and get them up as I do them to keep from becoming overwhelmed and entering into complete shut down mode. In between, maybe I’ll get that cider and start to fix up my messy craft room. How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed during the holidays?

Christmas Candle Wax Tarts

Christmas Candle Wax Tarts


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