Cinnamon Buns Hand Sewn

I’m loving up on these cinnamon bun ornaments I’ve made out of fabric. The weekend was truly a cinnamon bun (or cinnamon roll, as other may dub them) weekend. I think about 90% of my completed projects involved cinnamon bun in some way.

My most favorite of this weekend’s projects were these muslin cinnamon buns I sewed. My Singer was acting out on me but after a bit of coaxing, she started singing again. I tried to get these as close to real cinnamon buns as I possibly could. I’ve even scented them in cinnamon bun. Don’t they just look like you could eat them?

Cinnamon Buns Bowl Fillers

Cinnamon Bun Bowl Fillers – Hand sewn and scented like real Cinnamon Buns

I’ve thought about placing a few of these on my kitchen table as an every day centerpiece but I’m sure my family will be annoyed with it. They would make a nice prank if I thought I could get away with it. On the other hand, maybe they’d make a good gift.? Whomever gets them would smell them before they opened the box. What a surprise to open the box and see that they’re ornaments!

I’m interested in your comments. What do you think about my newest creation?


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