Walking Dead Fans Comment to Win

Someone’s causing havoc in the camp and there are plenty of suspects – feeding the walkers, burning those who are suspected to be sick. Who do you think is the cause of this ruckus? Comment here and one person with the correct guess will win our buttered rum 8 ounce candle. Hurry because it’s airing soon! All guesses must take place prior to the show. Offer valid in the US only.

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5 thoughts on “Walking Dead Fans Comment to Win

  1. I think it’s Carl. He watched Rick burn the pig sty to kill the infection, he had access to the gas can used for that, and he’s always overly eager to show he is a man. He may have taken matters into his own hand to help save the camp. Although I’m less sure that he was the one that was feeding rats to the walkers. Maybe he’s hoping an increased threat would get him put on fence duty. He clearly has a problem being restricted to farming and ‘kid stuff’, plus he brought up helping on the fence to Rick in the last episode.

  2. That’s true. I don’t think it’s the governor feeding the walkers. But I don’t think that it’s Carl either. The governor could be responsible for the herd of walkers. That’s big enough for him to be behind.

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