Real Food – Apple and Pumpkin Baking

I love to bake this time of the year. My children might disagree with that statement only because I’ve been diligently tweaking my bakery candles and haven’t baked anything edible for awhile. I’ve been in the bakery candle zone lately. But now that it’s apple and pumpkin season, I’ve been feeling a bit more like baking things we can eat. So I went out to the grocery store and bought a big pumpkin (because I’d have to buy too many little ones to feed this family of twelve) and I picked up some apples and now I’m ready to get things baking!

I love that people are blogging about their autumn baking because that helps me to get some ideas both for baking and bakery candles. Edible Engineering has an apple pie recipe and some really detailed instructions on making your own pie crust. I generally make my own crust from scratch but I think the details over there are great if you want to give it a try making your own crust from scratch. I love the picture of their finished product. Compared to their edible lattice crust apple pie, how does my apple pie ornament hold up in looking edible?

apple pie

Also take a look over at the pumpkin caramel cupcakes on Fishtitch, another good looking bit of inspiration both for food and bakery candles. I’m getting excited just thinking about all of the wonderful things I can bake!

All of you bakers, if you have any other great apple and pumpkin dessert ideas, please don’t hold back. The more inspiration, the better and my children (and hubby) will greatly appreciate it. {smile}

Linking up to Fistich and Edible Engineering


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