Bakery Candles in a Jar – A New Look

I’ve been really busy trying to get a feel for a new label look for the jar bakery candles. I didn’t really want to have something that would cover up the detail of the dessert yet it had to be something that would fit the style of the desserts I’m designing. I needed for the label to be chic, have a touch of class, and also give a professional appearance.

I finally came up with this:


It’s a little bit messy since this was just a test candle but I please, over all, with the way the label looked with the exception that I have to tweak the logo on the clear label. It seems to come out very light. I tried to make the disclaimer easy to see in the pic. These disclaimers are a bit different depending on the type of candle but they all have a bit of pun to them.

The style of the new jar candles was something that I’d been working on for some time. I wanted something that could be burned in a jar but looked like something you could grab a spoon to eat (theoretically, of course).

Here’s what the finished candle looks like.


What do you think?


One thought on “Bakery Candles in a Jar – A New Look

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