Rainy Day Inspiration

It’s been rainy and my creation inspiration has become almost as murky as the last couple of days. So I went back to my sewing room and boy was it a mess from all of the other crafting the girls and I had done in there! Anywho, I started cleaning up some things when I came across some wonderful fabrics and then the ideas came pouring in. Now instead of a couple of projects, I have about ten.

On another note, I put a lot of time into decorating our shelf with Christian’s help. We looked around for odds and ends that would make our shelf stand out. We pulled out some burlap pieces and went out and bought some orange pumpkin doilies. We used a package of leaves we got from Dollar Tree and some $.97 scarecrows from WalMart. I wasn’t sure if my ideas would work but I was quite happy with the end result.

Bakery candles

One of our booths

This picture shows what it looked like before we filled the top shelf with more jars, cupcakes, and cookies. I wanted to take a picture that showed the new banner and that sweet little pumpkin place mat. There are lots of tarts on the self and we later added room sprays. I love how the brown liner and the orange look here. That second shelf has a neat little burlap piece that says “autumn” and “fall” all over it. Sweet!

Now to get busy on those nice projects for this weekend. Stay posted to see what we did!

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