Crazy Stock Days

When we’re prepping candles to stock our booths, Murphy’s Law seems to take effect. We’re absolutely never ready to go out of the door when it’s time. If we plan to leave early to get it out of the way, we don’t get out the door until noon. If we plan to leave at noon, we end up leaving around three and rushing around to finish before the malls close at five. It doesn’t matter how well we think we’ve planned, something strange always seems to happen.

One time, we headed out late, as usual, and Christian left her cell phone on the front counter. We had to have been about twenty minutes away when one of the children called her from home and the front desk of the mall answered, “She left her phone here.” One of the children called me on my cell and so we headed back with five minutes left before closing. Let me just say we didn’t make the other booths that day.

Then there was the time we walked out of the mall and left the stock basket on the counter. We looked all over the house for that basket and couldn’t find it. I just knew I’d put that basket in our craft room – NOT. We looked just about everywhere until I told Christian to just call the malls one by one. We’d left the baskets right there on the front counter.

Here’s my favorite one. We were getting ready to leave home so I was putting together my last few things, packaging, tagging, pricing, the whole nine yards. I was determined that I was going to get out of the door at 11:00 that morning to head for the malls. So while packaging, at 10:45, my water broke. Of all ten children, that was the first time that had ever happened! With every other child, every single time, my labor had been started by the midwife!

Since having the baby, whenever it’s stock day, I’m one step ahead. I simply plan not to stock and everything works out perfectly.


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