Autumnized Candles – A New Look For Fall

It’s been feeling a little warmer than what I’d consider autumn weather these last few days. I generally wait until October 1 to begin switching out our wardrobe, but this warm October weather is making things a little difficult. I actually love the summer weather. It’s probably my most favorite season but a/c in October is just odd!

In my effort to be a bit more welcoming of the autumn season, I started on a batch of pumpkin pie candles and they’re smellin’ GOOD. I started thinking about what I was going to put this great smelling candle in and came up with something a little less prim and a little more rustic. I wanted to be able to look at the candle and it give just as much of an autumn impression as the scent of the candle. So I pulled out my Mason jars.

Mason jars are not my most favorite container for candles simply because they’re so widely seen in the handmade candle market and, alone, they’re just not very special.. However, they ARE relatively inexpensive and very workable for creating new things. So since I was thinking autumn, I decided to “autumnize” some mason jars while combining a little vintage and rustic charm.
Here’s what I came up with:

2013-10-03 22.36.03

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out so I decided to call it “Autumn Leaves.” I don’t quite like the grungy style candles (another thing that everybody and their mama is doing where I am). So this is my version of a more rustic designed candle jar that’s a little bit of a spin on the grungy candle jar. I thought it would be great to put these in the Etsy shop and give customers a choice of scented wax to fill them.

It was so much fun to make these! I’m going to be adding more designs and posting them in my Etsy shop.


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