Five Things To Do When You Feel Like Screaming At Your Kids

Let me start by saying that I don’t believe that screaming at children is at all the right thing to do when in anger. However, children, particularly when they are yours, can do things that may cause you to question who birthed whom. With that in mind, we must be very cautious in how we react to these precious jewels without going gray (or nuts for that matter). So here are five things to do when you feel like screaming at your kids.

1. Deep breathing techniques. If you’ve given birth, then you’re likely familiar with Lamaze breathing. Simply use the same technique, maybe even get yourself a focal point, picture, whatever works to get you through. I bet you thought labor was over when you delivered the little angel…

2. Immediately begin praising God. Clap your hands, sing “Amazing Grace,” or just quietly wave your hands in the air and thank the Lord. Not only will you get your worship time in but your children will stare at you, wide eyed, and likely back away quietly.

3. Make a “Mad” dash. I call it a mad dash because It involves running very quickly into another room to keep from really getting mad.

4. Chop vegetables. Take it out on them, celery, peppers, onions, or whatever you have. The worse thing that could happen is you’ll have them all ready for a meal when you need them.

5. Light a candle. What did you expect? I’m a candle maker. ;0)

Just a little something light hearted for you to enjoy your day.

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Count It All Joy

Challenges in life come and go, and for us, this has been a  really challenging season. It seems as though summer has gone by and I’ve missed it! Now, I notice the weather cooling down a bit. We can open the windows and get a good breeze through the house. It’s been that way for the last few days, which sort of makes me sad that summer is fading away. There have been quite a few joys this summer such as the birth of baby Jeremiah and Christian being the first to graduate from our homeschool. Yet, with the other challenges we’ve had to face, some of that seems to have choked some of that joy!

It’s not ironic that we’ve been studying the first chapter of James over the summer. As it usually happens in life, when you begin to think about how you’ll positively handle situations that arise, you’re soon tested to see just where you really stand. The children have memorized most of the first chapter, and we’re being tested along the way. It’s been crazy! Just as you want to give up, you hear one of your children recite “Count it all joy when you fall into various temptations…” I can’t quite explain the mixed feelings that come with that. I mean, on one hand, your flesh feels as though you just can’t take any more but then the little voice of accountability that quotes the scripture gives you more reason to keep pressing forward.

Realistically, the naked eye sees only the trial but somewhere on the other side of this trial has to be something truly awesome!  I’m hoping for something awesome…something really awesome. It could be a testimony of how we came through or a little more compassion for the next person. I just want it to be something awesome. In the meantime, I have to keep my eyes fixed on the Lord and try to keep my eyes off of what’s directly in front of me, and that’s really difficult. Prayerfully, we’ll have this behind us soon and can be  a help to someone else. Would that outlook be considered counting it all joy?