Back to School

Since my children are home schooled and we choose to school year round, we’re always on break when the local children go back to school. So we start again after the Labor Day holiday. It’s always exciting for the children to go back to studies after the break. It’s kind of our version of “back to school.”

This school year, I’m teaching nursery/preschool, first grade, fourth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, ninth grade, and tenth grade (whew!). We learned so much over the past school year that I’m looking forward to some of the new subjects we’ll delve into. We’ll be notebooking more this year and we’ll be doing a picture timeline for history, which is something a little different from our usual event documentation. I tried to do a little bit of notebooking with them this week, and they had a blast! I had them watch the dissection of a starfish and then create a salt dough model with a cup of flour, a cup of salt, and enough water to make a stiff dough.

starfish modelIt went over very well, I must say. The children particularly loved eating the chocolate chips before (and after) they went on the model.

On another note, back to school is also a sign that candle season is quickly approaching. We’ve been testing scents, baking, and making to restock our local booths and to place on the site.  We’re doing a few new scents because the tests went so well. I’ll be introducing them on our Facebook page very soon so keep posted. One of the bakery items we’ll be placing on the site include nine inch apple and pumpkin pies. We do these in both candle and ornamental.

pumpkin pie ornie

This is one of the ornamental pumpkin pies that we’ve done. It’s even pumpkin pie scented. The children thought it was real.

Well, I actually have to get started with planning the rest of my school year (while my children start their break until after Labor Day).  As usual, breaks for everyone else is never a break for Mom. Not a complaint – just a fact, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


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