My Recent Country Bakery

I’ve been working on a few new pie ornaments to put in the store. It’s been amazing how many orders for them I’ve gotten prior to the peak of candle season. The bundt cakes have also been in demand lately. Ideas have been racing through my brain so much that I can’t keep up!

Baby J is still waking up a couple of times in the night so that gives me more than enough reason to have coffee in the morning. Honestly, I’ve tried not having my morning coffee and it ain’t good. Momma can get cranky.

So with sleep deprivation, I’m working on more fall projects to accessorize the candles. So far my focus has been mostly on the baskets. I’ve been really trying to add as much reality to the ornaments as I can to give them a more realistic look. The baskets, themselves, I’ve given more of an Americana country flair though this isn’t my personal fav. Here’s one I just did that I’m putting up in the eBay store today.


Its filled with cakes. This pic doesn’t do the grungy look much justice but its a neat little basket for sitting on a small table. They smell deliciously tempting.

Speaking of which, I recently had an incident where a customer took a bite of one of the scented faux fritters I’d put up as decoration in of of the stores. She thought the fritters were real and helped herself to one on the display tray. I mean, a nice chunk was taken out. I don’t know what kind of teeth that poor lady has because those ornaments are pretty hard! Not to mention, who takes food off of a tray sitting in a store unless there’s some sort of invitation to sample? That was really wild. Nevertheless, the poor lady said something to the effect of the fritters not tasting very good when she spit it out. Then she put the fritter back on the tray! (Smh)

Well off to more creating. Stay posted because I plan to do another give away really soon. I also have quite a few items in the eBay store that are penny auctions with free shipping. Check them out.


Back to School

Since my children are home schooled and we choose to school year round, we’re always on break when the local children go back to school. So we start again after the Labor Day holiday. It’s always exciting for the children to go back to studies after the break. It’s kind of our version of “back to school.”

This school year, I’m teaching nursery/preschool, first grade, fourth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, ninth grade, and tenth grade (whew!). We learned so much over the past school year that I’m looking forward to some of the new subjects we’ll delve into. We’ll be notebooking more this year and we’ll be doing a picture timeline for history, which is something a little different from our usual event documentation. I tried to do a little bit of notebooking with them this week, and they had a blast! I had them watch the dissection of a starfish and then create a salt dough model with a cup of flour, a cup of salt, and enough water to make a stiff dough.

starfish modelIt went over very well, I must say. The children particularly loved eating the chocolate chips before (and after) they went on the model.

On another note, back to school is also a sign that candle season is quickly approaching. We’ve been testing scents, baking, and making to restock our local booths and to place on the site.  We’re doing a few new scents because the tests went so well. I’ll be introducing them on our Facebook page very soon so keep posted. One of the bakery items we’ll be placing on the site include nine inch apple and pumpkin pies. We do these in both candle and ornamental.

pumpkin pie ornie

This is one of the ornamental pumpkin pies that we’ve done. It’s even pumpkin pie scented. The children thought it was real.

Well, I actually have to get started with planning the rest of my school year (while my children start their break until after Labor Day).  As usual, breaks for everyone else is never a break for Mom. Not a complaint – just a fact, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

New Things Happening…

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and things have been super busy in my personal life. So here are a few of the things that we’ve been doing since my last post in June.

I suppose the most thrilling thing that has happened to us was the birth of my tenth child, Jeremiah. He’s the sweetest little thing! Today, for the first time, he gave me a responsive smile. What a heart melting experience. I don’t care how many children you have, that first smile is always so heart warming.  I want to tell a little about his birth story but I’ll do that another time.  I’m just going to warn you that there were a couple of surprises and a few tears.

Since having Jeremiah, I’ve been trying to keep up with orders. We’ve had quite a few custom orders, so we’ve been busy with that. I’m so happy that I have such great customers who were understanding, kind, and patient enough through the delay in getting their orders during my early delivery. I mean, isn’t that cool?

Aside from that, I’ve been juggling my toddlers and have had a lot of support from my older children, who just adore our newest addition – by the way. They’ve been cuddling and loving up little Jay while the middle children have wondered when they were going to get a turn. Like I said, it’s been super busy but it’s also been super wonderful with all this excitement. I’m a doting mama again and this whole experience has made me realize, once again, how wonderful motherhood is again, at all stages.Image