Old Thyme Primitive Scented Pantry Cakes – Colonial Cakes – Aged Ornament

by everythingdawn (11.00 USD) http://www.etsy.com/listing/153843475
This prim cake is what I’d call extreme prim. I’ve been in a country cake designing mood lately and decided to get grungy and get the spices going, and I absolutely fell in love with the outcome!  This one scented in cinnamon raisin bread and you can just set it on a table or mantle and it’ll remind you it’s there.
I’ve been doing these since we placed our goodies in the Wilson Store & Bittersweet Memories last week. They scented the store so nicely that I just had to do more. So here we are! I just listed others on our eBay store so if you want to take a peek, visit us at our Prim Nook.
Stay tuned for more scented desserts. Also join us on Facebook and Twitter  for other blurbs, sales, and cool things.
Until next time,

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