Hot, Sluggish, and Busy

It’s been hot the last couple of days and I’ve been working during the cooler mornings and trying to keep cool during the hotter part of the day. So this morning we’ve been working on stocking our new shelf (which we will be announcing more formally soon) and preparing to move our items out of our showcase (just feeling like people need to be able to touch and smell our candles).

The heat has been making all of us a little sluggish at Castle de Mayo but being eight months pregnant in the heat brings heat to a whole different level. Whew! So we’ve been doing the freeze pop thing and not doing any serious oven cooking (we give our oven a daily workout over here). We made a huge bowls of salad, Mac and tuna salad, and we shucked some corn. I think I could eat like this all summer. The hardest part is keeping things up with the little ones. Boy they can wear down your energy. So it’s coffee to the rescue (iced, of course).

Right now, at 3:00pm, we’re a little cooler in the A/C but I just hate having to turn it on before it’s officially summer. So much for opening the windows and enjoying the cool spring breeze.

Now that baby girl is sleeping (thank you, Cayla – my 12 year old daughter), I’m going to get a few more things done. Boy, to be able to sleep right now. Baby girl doesn’t know how good life is right now.


Off to finish these cute little grubby almond cookie tarts for the shelf. Here’s a sneak peek.


Until next time.


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